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Dermalux Stockist of the Year 2019 – Fresh Face Bar

The spectacular waterfront venue, Doltone House at Darling Island in Sydney was the backdrop for the Salon event of the year; Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) 2019 Annual Awards Gala dinner.

Salon owners and therapists gathered for a night of celebrations, dancing and awards with the highlight of the evening seeing the outstanding Fresh Face Bar from Victoria being crowned the Dermalux Stockist of the Year for 2019!

Salon owner Lisa Vong opened Fresh Face bar in December 2018 with two Dermalux Compact machines, creating a modern and quirky LED lounge space allowing multiple clients to come in for express treatments at a time!

“Our business concept is largely based around Dermalux because we see how much potential this machine has to transform skin.  It’s not often you come across a ‘sexy’ piece of skin machinery that’s worth talking about.  This is how we feel about our Dermalux machines.  Love them!!!” Lisa said.

With 4 treatment rooms able to cater to 6 clients at a time, Fresh Face Bar specialises in express facials in their modern LED light lounge, right in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling suburb of Richmond.

Well done to Lisa Vong and the whole team at Fresh Face Bar! We’re thrilled to be a part of your success story and we look forward to seeing how your salon continues to grow with your Dermalux LED machines. Congratulations on being the Dermalux Stockist of the Year 2019!

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Salon of the Year – Vaia Beauty

The newly launched Sofitel Sydney in Darling Harbour was the place to be on Saturday 8th September 2018, where 150 glamorous, excited guests arrived for Professional Beauty Solutions’ (PBS) 3rd Annual Awards Gala Dinner!

With hundreds of salon owners and beauty therapists mingling and sharing their experiences from Beauty Expo earlier that day, MC Dani Lombard from Dani Lombard PR kicked off the festivities by welcoming all of the PBS salons, partners and international guests.

As the drinks continued to flow, the awards ceremony kicked into full gear, with Darlinghurst beauty sanctuary, Vaia Beauty, being named the Dermalux Salon of the Year for 2018!

Vaia Beauty founder Vaia Pappas introduced the Dermalux LED system over 2 years ago and has been blown away by the amazing results and transformations she’s seen on her clients. “We 100% believe in the amazing Dermalux LED and are so excited to grow with this technology!” she said.

Boasting a clientele of beauty editors and influencers, Vaia Beauty is located inner-Sydney Darlinghurst and offers personalised beauty treatments to suit all your needs. Whether you’re looking for an aromatic facial, therapeutic massage, spray tanning, waxing or express manicure, Vaia and her team are experts in every field and deliver a luxurious, completely customised experience.

Well done to Vaia and the team at Vaia Beauty! We’re excited to be a part of their success story and look forward to seeing how the salon continues to grow with Dermalux LED. Congratulations on being Dermalux Salon of the Year 2018!

Meet Dr Pablo Naranjo, PhD, Medical Director of Elite Laser Clinic

Dermalux continues to be a ‘must have’ treatment both from a results and commercial point of view. But don’t just take our word for it, read what the industry is saying about us…

“LED Phototherapy refers to procedures involving the application of various wavelengths and treatment methods. I have worked with many different LED Phototherapy devices and I believe that the Dermalux® Tri-Wave system is superior as it can deliver both individual and simultaneous Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm non-thermal light. The delivery of these three wavelengths simultaneously with the precise pre-set treatment protocols in the Dermalux® system enables me to accelerate healing capabilities by biomodulation synergetic effects in a wide variety of clinical conditions.  I apply Dermalux® after all treatments that induce an inflammatory response in the skin. I combine it with laser treatments, mesotherapy, injectable treatments and chemical peelings for example because we reduce the side effects (excess inflammation and oedema) and we accelerate the speed and quality of skin regeneration.  In my experience, this combination of wavelengths delivered simultaneously targets multiple chromophores and enables us to maximise clinical results and reduce treatment times.”

DR PABLO NARANJO MD, PhD, Medical Director, Elite Laser Clinic

Have you seen amazing results from Dermalux in your salon? Tag us in your Dermalux before and afters, and treatment results of your clients!

Dr Pablo Naranjo is a leading international authority in laser and light technologies and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Photobiomodulation and its application in clinical practice. Dr Naranjo from Madrid is a representative of the European LED Society and speaks at conferences across the world about LED Phototherapy in the medical aesthetic field.

5 Minutes with Indulgences Beauty Therapy

Once introduced to the power of Dermalux LED Light Therapy, no other light compares. To provide cutting-edge services into your business, LED is the only choice, and Dermalux is the leading brand that will help you achieve it.

Indulgences Beauty Therapy in Newcastle, NSW, uses their Dermalux LED to achieve fantastic results, even on the most seemingly ‘hopeless cases’.

“We looked for unit that was backed by scientific research and something that was European made, the Dermalux being able to offer the 3 wavelengths in one was the icing on the cake. I had looked at another unit a few years before hand but was completely turned off for the simple fact of having to invest heavily and to offer multiple wavelengths required the purchase of multiple heads which needed to be interchanged. Because of this I had decided not to invest in an LED at all. When I discovered Dermalux, I was in straight away no questions asked this was the unit for me.”

— Michelle Grove, Indulgences

When it comes to the results that her LED provides, owner Michelle has been amazed, being able to treat anything from dull skin, to dermatitis and clinical rosacea.

“I would have to say the LED definitely achieved what I was hoping it would by taking our skin treatments to the next level. We are able to better target our clients concerns in particular we have had phenomenal results with acne and dermatitis. The results speak for themselves and our clients are all hooked.”

We absolutely love this before and after shot of a client suffering from dermatitis in their hands at Indulgences!

Suffering from dermatitis all over, and more concentrated on the hands, this client had tried everything under the sun to soothe the redness and pain in her skin. After just one month of treating her client exclusively with the amazing Dermalux LED treatment, amazing results started to show up, on her hands in particular.

Just look at the difference! The skin on this client’s hand has lost its redness, it much more hydrated and significantly healthier. Hello results!

Tag us in your before and after photos using LED at #dermaluxled!

Dermalux Love on Body Boudoir’s Shop Front

Fantastic shop front advertising for Dermalux certainly goes to Body Boudoir in Dee Why!

We get so many testimonials for Dermalux and its results daily. From people raving about its rejuvenating properties to how it accounts for 40% to half of clinic’s profits. There is clearly no denying the results that Dermalux bestow on skin!

Body Boudoir is a beauty clinic, residing in the sunny suburb of Dee Why, performing a multitude of skin treatments to keep you looking fresh and rejuvenated 24/7, including facials, hair removal, cosmetic tattooing, skin needling, IPL, and Dermalux LED rejuvenating treatments. Discover the beautiful clinic now.