March, 2021 | Dermalux LED

How much younger can LED make your skin look?

Alice Hart-Davis is a beauty journalist, author and is one of the UK’s leading independent experts in the fast-developing field of non-surgical procedures.

In an independent review, Alice recently trialled the Dermalux Flex MD over a 4-month period, followed by Visia Skin Analysis to determine whether the Dermalux had in fact improved the texture and tone of her skin. Combining the powers of our Red (633nm) & NIR (830nm) wavelengths, Alice’s skin age dropped from 57 to 48! It also saw significant improvements in the following areas;

  • Wrinkles & fine saw a 18.9% reduction
  • Skin texture improved by 2.4%
  • Pores were reduced by 10.5%
  • UV Spots saw a 13.3% reduction
  • Brown spots decreased by 9.3%
  • Red areas were reduced by 17.5%

Alice shared in her review that she was noticeably impressed by the drastic improvement just 20 minutes under the Flex, 5 times a week for 4 months had done for her skin! Even now, post the review period, Alice continues to use it and even finds it to be a great mood-booster on gloomy days.

Seeing as our Dermalux Flex LED saw her skin lose 9 years in just 4 months, there’s no denying that the Flex is the most advanced portable, entry-level LED devices in the market with remarkable power and precision in treating skin.

Taking entry-level to the next level, the Dermalux Flex features the Dermalux guarantee of quality and efficacy; providing skin with our 3 clinically-proven wavelengths. Its flexible LED canopy is secured in a base unit for application to the face and can be removed and positioned flat for treatment of the body.

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