The exclusive distributor of Dermalux LED, Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) hosted their annual Salon of the Year Awards last weekend at the PBS 2024 Skin Summit. We are thrilled to announce that the winners of the Dermalux Stockist of the Year is The Skin Bar & Lounge.

Congratulations to Michaela Johnson and her staff member, kicking goals in the salon industry right now. A true representation of the brand, this clinic is solely based around Dermalux LED, with every treatment and service offering LED as an add on, or pre-treatment prep regardless of the size of the service.

Featuring an enticing LED lounge that boasts two Dermalux Compact Lite devices, along with a Dermalux Flex that is moved between treatment rooms to amplify results, so successful, that in the last year alone they have doubled their revenue! Also soaring in the social media space, this winning salon showcases how incredible their services are through consistent posts, reels and stories.

Michaela says, “The customisation is mind-blowing. We love how we are able to customise the lights and times etc for what we are treating. Our LEDs have been a great support when we are busy in the treatment rooms and unable to fit someone in with a therapist for a couple of weeks, so we use the LED light lounge as part of their treatment plan. We have recently done this with a client concerned with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation acne scaring and visible results were noticed within two sessions. We have also supported a psoriasis client with life-changing results.

Congratulations to the deserving winners of the Dermalux Stockist of the Year 2024 – The Skin Bar & Lounge.