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As pioneers in our field, we venture beyond current thinking to deliver the future of energy-based technology today. Our extensive experience and expertise in product design, development, engineering and software enables us to push conventional technology boundaries into next generation devices that exceed the specification of any other LED Phototherapy system in the global market. We strive to make the best better whilst staying true to what is evidenced based and client focused.

This is not just LED, this is Dermalux LED

Dermalux is light years ahead. Cutting edge by design, our devices have been uniquely developed to deliver the most powerful, efficient and efficacious phototherapy treatment available.  

We do not use “off the shelf” LEDs as used by competitor devices. No other device in the world uses Dermalux LED technology. No other LED device comes close.


Photon Rich Delivery (PRD)

Optimum photonic energy delivered at the precise peak wavelength into the target chromophore ensures maximum cell activation with proven results. Our bespoke high power single wavelength LEDs have been configured to deliver more photons to the treatment area than any other LED device available.

Precise proven Wavelengths

Dermalux LEDs are best in class. Our ‘binning’ process has been refined over many years to a +/- 2nm peak emission tolerance. This ensures targeted energy is only delivered at the intended wavelength for optimum absorption of light. Many competitor LED devices have a peak emission tolerance ranging up to +/- 50nm so much of the light energy is wasted.





Concurrent Modality Treatment (CMT)

Dermalux is the only LED device available with the ability to deliver 3 concurrent wavelengths, each at the optimum intensity whilst maintaining a stable energy output. Wavelengths can be delivered as single or simultaneous protocols to target multiple chromophores for increased efficacy and reduced treatment time. 

Targeted Light Technology (TLT)

Proprietary integrated optics enable a focused and concentrated delivery of photon energy to the target area to eliminate wasted light energy. TLT provides the precision for optimum light absorption and advances traditional wide-angle LED’s that diffuse the light.



Peak Performance

Compared to competitor devices, Dermalux LEDs deliver focused energy with a higher peak intensity and narrow waveform. This target precision ensures more photons are delivered per second at the intended wavelength for better and faster clinical results.

Standard LEDs have a wider waveform with a lower peak intensity. Whilst the delivered energy can be similar to Dermalux LEDs, the cells cannot absorb this light as effectively and wasted photos can lead to increased skin heating. 

Exceptional Efficiency

Thermal management is key to maintaining uniform optical power during treatment. Dermalux LEDs are exceptionally efficient utilising unique thermal management technology to regulate LED temperature for a more intensive energy treatment. Competitor devices become increasingly hotter over treatment duration. Increased heat results in reduced optical power and reduced results.




Uniform Delivery

Dermalux canopy style delivery is designed to be used at a minimum distance of 25mm to guarantee optical uniformity of light and even photon distribution. Low power devices need to be delivered in close proximity to the skin which can cause a non-uniform hot spot effect.




Proprietary Patternation

Our unique LED formation ensures optimum optical uniformity for even wavelength distribution across the target treatment area.
In short, with Dermalux you will simply deliver better results.



Medical CE Certified

Medically CE Certified


Dermalux MD LED is the ONLY LED device that is Medical CE certified to treat Psoriasis, Acne, wound healing, and pain relief, as well as being entered in the ARTG (324211).


  • ✔ ACNE


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