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Clinic Testimonials

Hear from our salons, clinics and industry professionals on how Dermalux has transformed their business and provided long-lasting, fast and effective results for their customers and clients.


“Dermalux has absolutely changed my business. I was shown and trialled several brands of LED and Dermalux was definitely the stand out by far. I loved the options to overlay the lights to target more than one skin concern without compromising the results. We are able to do this easily as Dermalux only uses one head… so no swapping light heads! We have become more of a speciality skincare clinic rather than just beauty. From a financial perspective I have never had such a profitable treatment – it has allowed my business to grow greatly. Dermalux really is a standalone WOW factor in our salon now.”

Samantha Barton

Blush Boutique, ACT

“When I first began looking at LED light therapy, there were many units which only offered 1 wavelength of light, that being red, otherwise you had to purchase different heads for the machines to change the wavelength of light. This wasn’t appealing to me as it’s not only costly but also changing the head of the machine regularly seemed time consuming and a nuisance. I was looking for a machine that was easy to manoeuvre around our small salon space, a sleek, innovative design and something comfortable for the client whilst having the treatment. Dermalux LED was the non-invasive skin treatment I had been looking for.

Christine Ewart

The Beauty Spot Swan Hill, VIC

“Dermalux has been a great addition to the business as it has captured client’s attention. As soon as they see it, they want to know more. It has been easy to add to any service and generates extra income without taking too much time away from our therapists. We have found that the Dermalux treatment has added growth, development and consistency to your business due to the simplicity in using it as a standalone treatment or incorporated into any existing service.” 

Sarah Barber

Headlines Hair & Beauty, QLD

“Dermalux LED definitely achieved what I was hoping it would by taking our skin treatments to the next level. We are able to better target our clients concerns, in particular we have had phenomenal results with acne and dermatitis. It is a very easy upsell, the results speak for themselves and our clients and therapist are all hooked. I can say that within 5 months of using our Dermalux it had paid itself off, this was impressive, and one of my best business investments so far! I would encourage anyone to just back yourself and your team and invest in the Dermalux, you will love the possibilities it offers.”

Michelle Grove

Indulgences Beauty Therapy, NSW

Purchasing the Dermalux LED was the best equipment purchase decision I’ve made for my home salon to date. Because it is so easy to market as an add-on to all skincare treatments (needling, facials, peels, and IPL) it has substantially increased my salon’s revenue. There are so many machines out there to choose from but I was particularly looking for a machine that demonstrated clinically proven results, was easy to operate and one that was backed by great after-sales service. Dermalux ticked all these boxes for me and my clients love the results it delivers.”

Anita Van Doren

Murrumbateman Wax & Relax, NSW

“During the business research period I realised very quickly that Dermalux was a stand out device.
Dermalux was the only machine that could offer all three light waves (red, blue & near infra-red) simultaneously, without having to change the head. This was a huge selling point as it allows us to treat a much larger range of skin concerns far more effectively. It was also the only machine that was pre-programmed to treat an array of skin issues; this reduced any confusion amongst staff as to how to set parameters for treatments. Our machine is used daily and has not missed a beat, it’s so easy to use and is very results-driven.

Jody Robson

Body Central, WA

“Dermalux is so easy to ease. I run a really busy clinic in Darlinghurst, and when we do get clients coming through the door, we like to spend more time consulting with them to understand their skin’s needs. The Dermalux machine actually has pre-programmed settings, so it does all the hard work for the therapist. You can adjust the setting to a customised setting for the client, however all the settings are in-built into machine, so you are basically pressing a button and away you go. While we were always getting fantastic results in the clinic, I think Dermalux really seals the deal for us, taking our results to the next level.”

Vaia Pappas

Vaia Beauty, NSW

Dermalux makes money for my business as though I had an extra staff member, but without the stress and hassle that comes with employment. It’s so easy to use, that all my staff can sell both individual and courses of treatments effortlessly.”

Rene Thorpe

The Temple Skincare & Spa, NSW

“The Dermalux LED system is an excellent standalone treatment and an invaluable addition to all the skin care programmes I offer in my clinic. It is probably the best investment in technology I have ever made.”

Dr Simon Ravichandran

Clinetix, UK

“Dermalux will raise the profile of any Medical Practitioner when dealing with problematic skin ranging from acne to ageing. I now have a 2 to 3 week waiting list for this treatment in fact I wish I had 2 machines! It really is the ‘Holy Grail of skin treatments’ and delivers noticeable improvements as both a standalone and combined treatment. As a Clinic Owner, this is one of the best investments I have ever made.” Lisa Monaghan-Jones RGN, Internal Beauty Clinic, West Yorkshire


“We have now had our Dermalux machine for almost 1 year and the results we have seen are amazing. It has been fantastic for clients and results with acne, rosacea and anti-aging have been particularly successful for us. It is an easy add on and we now have many clients who just come in monthly or fortnightly for their maintenance sessions. Our profits have increased due to the Dermalux machine being used without having to take away from therapist’s time. It has been an amazing addition to the salon for our clients and for our sales and profits.”


Lisa Lum, Mint Skin and Beauty QLD