LED phototherapy treatments (also known as light therapy) are a phenomenon both at home and in the professional salon, spa or clinic space, proven by the over 12 million results seen from one simple Google search. So understandably, it’s a topic that therapists and even doctors (not to mention consumers!) can be confused by. Too much power causes too much heat and results in damage, while too little won’t allow consistency, wasting wavelengths and energy, while providing low quality results, if any. Then there is the device itself that if not built with the ability to reduce heat (thermal dissipation) and deliver the light accurately (tolerance) there is simply no point in having the treatment. So to clear up any confusion, enter, Dermalux, the global pioneers in clinically-proven LED light therapy, who combine three clinically-proven wavelengths with the aligning power, accuracy and quality, custom diodes to deliver visible results without risk of damage.

Medical CE certified to treat psoriasis, acne, accelerate wound healing and relieve pain (along with FDA, ARTG and ISO listings), Dermalux have the credibility to clear up exactly what to look for when it comes to LED and ensure you are buying into a device and treatment that will deliver change to skin on a cellular level. Designed and manufactured in the UK, they take a three-pronged approach, covering power, precision and performance to assess effective LED. Read all about it below

Performance: Fundamentally, light therapy is using different wavelengths of light-emitting diodes (LED) to achieve different outcomes and create change in the skin. Dermalux is the only LED range of devices to deliver all three wavelengths – blue: 415nm (antibacterial), red; 633nm (cell function optimisation) and near infrared: 830nm (anti-inflammatory) – simultaneously at the optimum power for superior, lasting results. In addition, their patented, bespoke ceramic diodes allow Dermalux to deliver a more controlled and accurate wavelength that won’t overheat (or cause heat in the skin), which is critical in treating wounds and inflammatory medical skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne and rosacea. Non-invasive, pain-free and clinically-proven, there are countless concerns that can be improved by one or all wavelengths combined, not to mention complementing other treatments to amplify results or speed up recovery.

Power: Yes it’s true that the more energy output (power), the more change you can make to the skin, however this is only to a certain, and very particular point. Beyond that you are going beyond scientific evidence and unnecessarily heating the skin and the device. Power matters, however the more power you generate, the harder it is to keep going at that power level – which is where stability and accuracy of light (precision) also comes into play. Also, heat is a necessary biproduct of higher power, so a device’s ability to offset this needs to be as efficient as possible – cue, the aforementioned thermal dissipation concept that Dermalux do so well. In comparison, competitor LED devices may offer higher power, but as it is not needed for optimum absorption, this wastes light energy, while overheating the skin and the device, leading to risk of damage to both.

Precision: Refers to the peak emission tolerance or how specific the wavelengths can be when targeting the skin cells. Dermalux LEDs are best in class with an unmatched +/- 2nm peak emission tolerance. This ensures targeted energy is accurate, delivering light to the chromophore with optimum absorption, stabilised for the length of the treatment (key in making change in the skin). In comparison, competitor LED devices have a peak emission tolerance ranging up to +/- 50nm which means much of the light energy is wasted, and unstable, adding risk of damaging skin outside of the targeted area of concern.

So if you’re in the market for buying, or trying LED, make sure you check for clinically-proven wavelengths and clinically-proven power, along with quality diodes, thermal dissipation technology and the precision (peak emission tolerance) to consistently target and treat skin concerns in a stable manner from start to finish.

For clinically-proven technology and results, choose Demalux today.