February, 2019 | Dermalux LED

How to introduce LED light therapy to your treatment menu

LED light therapy has been hailed as the go-to treatment for the perfect complexion, but how can you get clients’ to try it? We reveal how to incorporate LED into your treatment menu successfully.

While keeping up with the latest results-driven innovations and treatments is something we all aspire to, making the right investment decision for your salon can often be daunting. Skincare trends come and go but choosing a tried and tested, low-risk technology that offers complimentary benefits to transform your existing treatment menu is worth the consideration.

With a shift towards non-invasive skincare, LED light therapy has been hailed as the go-to treatment for the perfect complexion boost and to effectively target a range of concerns with no downtime. Although not a new treatment, the growing popularity of this celebrity skincare favourite has triggered a surge in the number and range of devices in the market.

LED light therapy is well evidenced for its regenerative benefits without creating trauma, making it safe and suitable for all skin types. The application of low-level beneficial wavelengths energises cellular activity to fuel repair and restore optimum skin function.

The non-invasive nature makes it particularly effective to target problematic and sensitive skin conditions and extends new treatment opportunities in these areas. From a rejuvenation point of view, skin cells that are energised function better and renew faster to promote a youthful, healthy complexion.

In practice, LED light therapy is easily integrated in a multitude of ways. Choosing a good quality device will enable you to offer it as a standalone service, introduce an express treatment menu, and upgrade regular treatments to enhance and speed up results. However, not all LED devices are created equal. 

Dermalux is a world leading and trusted British brand for professional LED phototherapy. Our systems are designed and manufactured in the UK for assured quality, efficacy and compliance with industry standards.

With more than 1,000 installed systems worldwide, its investment in research and development, proprietary LED technology and client support has secured Dermalux as an LED device with outstanding results.

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