Once introduced to the power of Dermalux LED Light Therapy, no other light compares. To provide cutting-edge services into your business, LED is the only choice, and Dermalux is the leading brand that will help you achieve it.

Indulgences Beauty Therapy in Newcastle, NSW, uses their Dermalux LED to achieve fantastic results, even on the most seemingly ‘hopeless cases’.

“We looked for unit that was backed by scientific research and something that was European made, the Dermalux being able to offer the 3 wavelengths in one was the icing on the cake. I had looked at another unit a few years before hand but was completely turned off for the simple fact of having to invest heavily and to offer multiple wavelengths required the purchase of multiple heads which needed to be interchanged. Because of this I had decided not to invest in an LED at all. When I discovered Dermalux, I was in straight away no questions asked this was the unit for me.”

— Michelle Grove, Indulgences

When it comes to the results that her LED provides, owner Michelle has been amazed, being able to treat anything from dull skin, to dermatitis and clinical rosacea.

“I would have to say the LED definitely achieved what I was hoping it would by taking our skin treatments to the next level. We are able to better target our clients concerns in particular we have had phenomenal results with acne and dermatitis. The results speak for themselves and our clients are all hooked.”

We absolutely love this before and after shot of a client suffering from dermatitis in their hands at Indulgences!

Suffering from dermatitis all over, and more concentrated on the hands, this client had tried everything under the sun to soothe the redness and pain in her skin. After just one month of treating her client exclusively with the amazing Dermalux LED treatment, amazing results started to show up, on her hands in particular.

Just look at the difference! The skin on this client’s hand has lost its redness, it much more hydrated and significantly healthier. Hello results!

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