Dermalux Manufacturer Aesthetic Technology Ltd halts LED production to make Ventilators and address the global shortage of these important pieces of equipment saving lives!⁠

Aesthetic Technology – the award-winning British medical device manufacturing company that manufactures our LED devices – has announced that they are the first independent UK-based company to develop and launch a fully compliant ventilator in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. ⁠

A message from our Managing Director, Dale Needham.

Whilst it may well have looked like we were quiet here at ATL, I can assure you that we have been working very hard behind the scenes. Around a month ago, myself and Huw spoke about what we could do to contribute to the COVID-19 cause and as a result made a decision to look at the feasibility of manufacturing a ventilator.

I am pleased to announce that as of the 30th April 2020, in response to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Aesthetic Technology is the first independent UK based company to complete the development and launch of a fully compliant ventilator, known as the C-19 Ventilator.

Our team has worked around the clock in response to the governments call and I am very proud of what they have achieved. We have pulled together some of the greatest engineering minds along with partnering resources and collectively we have overcome extensive challenges in a 4 week period resulting in a mass producible and compliant Ventilator for global use.

I would like to thank everyone connected with the project and most importantly my colleagues that I have worked alongside during this process. Their persistence and determination to achieve excellence is a proud moment for the business and truly demonstrates our capabilities as a Medical Device Manufacturer.

The Aesthetic Technology C-19 Ventilator is based on an existing, fully approved design under which the company has a worldwide permissive license from Medtronic to manufacture for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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