Recently, Alice shared her amazing results after just one 30-minute treatment with the Dermalux Flex MD.

Journalist, Author and Founder of The Tweakments Guide Alice Hart-Davis has been researching the best skincare products, trends and treatments for more than 20 years now. With all that experience under her belt, she knows and thing or two when it comes to results-driven answers to a multitude of skin concerns.

Here’s what Alice had to say…

“How should your face look after a session of LED red light therapy?

Less red not more red! I’m pointing this out because lots of people tell me they love their home-use LED masks (the sort that cost up to £400) because a quick session with the mask gives their skin “a lovely glow“.

OK, BUT!!! What genuine, clinic-standard LED red light therapy does is reduce inflammation in the skin. That’s one of its key benefits, along with boosting hydration and collagen production.

So it makes the skin paler, not redder. What those masks are doing is stirring up the circulation in the face and giving the skin a bit of a flush, nothing more.

These videos show my face before (left) and after a 30-minute session under the Dermalux Flex MD. You can see in the pictures on the right how much paler and more consistent my skin tone looks afterwards and how much the patchy redness around my nose, chin and cheeks has been reduced.”