Well-known English actress, media personality and long-standing Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, enjoys receiving regular rejuvenating Dermalux Flex LED treatments to help prevent her skin from ageing.

In a recent beauty feature in The Telegraph, “How at 50, Amanda Holden doesn’t look a day over 40”, facialist Nilam Holmes of London’s Dermaspa revealed her skincare secrets for Amanda’s ageless formula – including none other than our Dermalux Flex MD.

Nilam said, “I loan out my salon-grade Dermalux Flex MD system to some of my clients, which I suggest they use three times a week to keep their skin looking good.” Nilam continued, “it is the near-infrared and red light which is best for treating ageing skin. It’s like going to the gym for your skin. If you can keep things up at home, your skin won’t need as much once salons reopen.”

In fact, Amanda Holden enjoyed her time under the Dermalux Flex MD so much so that she has now purchased one for herself to use on-demand from the comfort of her own home. Recently sharing her appreciation for our Flex on her Instagram stories, Amanda Holden is just one of the many to join our ever-growing list of Dermalux celebrity endorsers!

Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden enjoying her time under the Dermalux Flex

The continual stream of celebrity endorsements isn’t surprising considering the year that was 2020! Amidst lockdowns and isolations; many salons, spas and clinics were eager to find an effective treatment that could powerfully transform their client’s skin from the comfort of their very own homes. LED treatments offered just that! And with the Dermalux Flex – came powerful, medically certified and clinically proven wavelengths that had the ability to deliver both single and combined Red, Blue and Near Infrared light to target every layer of the skin.

In addition to its LED benefits, the Dermalux Flex boasts a unique yet comfortable design that allows for the treatment of both the face and body in one extremely portable, flexible and easy-to-use system.

Find out about our Dermalux Flex device here.