If you’re an OG home and away fan you’ll know our girl Pia Miller. She’s been described as one of Australia’s most beautiful women, so it will be no surprise that when Pia shares her latest skin-glowing beauty secret, many of us are at the forefront waiting to hear it!

Looking burnished and glowing, of course, Miller spilled her skincare secret in the September 2018 WHO Magazine issue interview. Sure, she preached the benefits of sunscreen and moisturizer, but there was one other secret that caught our eye.

Miller (who’s basically the unspoken queen of glowing, healthy skin) shares: “Vaia (Vaia Beauty) is my skin fairy… skin and life fairy, actually! She’s all about natural, organic products, no chemicals or toxins”.

Vaia Beauty (2018 Dermalux Salon of the Year winner) continues to share the go-to treatment Miller comes in weekly for. “Pia loves our Dermalux LED light therapy treatments by Dermalux! Pia looks for results. We put her under the Dermalux for some light therapy after a facial to complete every treatment keeping her red carpet ready”.

Pia stated visiting Vaia Beauty in Darlinghurst 9 months ago and fell in love with the treatment. We can’t wait to see future transformations with Miller’s skin!