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Dermalux LED Light Lounge


Dermalux LED Light Lounge
Transform your Salon, Spa or Clinic

LED Light Lounges are quickly becoming the advanced skin clinic must-have of the future. Not only do they ensure the acceleration and enhancement of client results & advanced skin transformations, but they also offer an exceptional return on investment for businesses.

An LED Light Lounge can be easily integrated to transform any treatment menu; whether it’s as a standalone treatment, combined with existing treatments to improve results, implemented to accelerate post-procedure recovery, or as a part of an ongoing skin health programme.

A Dermalux LED Light Lounge offers an excellent return on investment for salons, spas and clinics thanks to its minimal costs of service goods and therapists’ time. The LED Light Lounge concept allows for clients to be left alone for their 20-30minutes treatment, leaving the therapist to spend that time treating additional clients or serving retail customers – therefore, boosting sales and client bookings.


The Light Lounge Competitive Advantage

As a leading manufacturer of world-class LED devices, Dermalux Light Lounges are quickly becoming the advanced skin clinic must-have of the future. Ensuring the acceleration and enhancement of client results and skin transformations, whilst offering an exceptional return on investment – an LED light lounge will take your business to the next level.


This unique concept drives business profitability with as little as two of our Dermalux Compact systems as it provides salons with an easily integrable treatment offering that requires minimal ‘handson’ time for therapists as well as little to no cost-of-service goods.

  • Exceptional return on investment.
  • Allows for multiple client treatments at the same time, thus increasing overall business profits in a reduced time.
  • Enhanced results & skin transformations as either a stand-alone treatment or add on.

“We’ve had our Dermalux Light Lounge for over 2 years now & couldn’t
imagine our clinic without it! We have 3 Compacts for this purpose and
they have changed the way our clients view LED. With Dermalux, the
results speak for themselves and our team & clients are obsessed! The
lounge concept makes it so easy for someone to come in quickly for
LED, without taking too much time out of their day.

We have clients coming in multiple times a week, we also find it such
an easy way to add on LED to a treatment, without taking up the time of
a therapist or a room. With over 60 sessions in our light lounge every
week, we are stoked with how well it’s performing & look forward to
continuing to grow that number as we help people reach their skin goals.”

Sarah Perry

Face Mediskin

“Dermalux was the only machine that could offer all three light waves simultaneously, without having to change the head. This was a huge selling point as it allows us to treat a much larger range of skin concerns far more effectively. It was also the only machine that was pre-programmed to treat an array of skin issues; this reduced any confusion amongst staff as to how to set parameters for treatments.”


Body Central


Unparalleled Marketing Support


We are here every step of the way to help make Dermalux® successful for your business and to continually be generating profits.

As a Dermalux stockist, you will receive unparalleled support from our highly skilled sales & marketing team as they assist you in how to best incorporate LED into your treatment menu to maximise your return on investment. To ensure ongoing success with your Dermalux® system, we provide a suite of client promotional marketing material which comprises of client leaflets, posters, banner stand artwork, and website and social media support. You will receive access to:

marketing material

  • Teaser Campaign to excite your clientele and build hype for your newest treatment offering.

  • Dedicated & completely customisable marketing launch strategy to help you immediately generate revenue from your device.

  • Fully designed marketing collateral (EDMs, Posters and Social Media Graphics) to promote Dermalux to your client and follower base.

  • Access to over 15 strategic campaigns designed by an expert marketing team.

marketing material

Become A Valued Partner

When you buy a Dermalux, you’re not just buying another device, you are partnering with Professional Beauty Solutions and will receive our full support and access to our:


  • Unparalleled Marketing Materials

  • Advanced ongoing training programs to get the optimal results out of your LED

  • Skilled Marketing & Business Development team who will help you to incorporate your LED treatments onto your menu and maximize the return on your investment