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Empowering industry professionals to exceed clients’ expectations, accelerate business growth and elevate their treatments to deliver the best of skin care.


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CPD Certified Training Program


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Module 1 – Dermalux Difference

Discover the power of LED Light Therapy and its ability to transform skin goals, supercharge wound healing and improve pain management. Take the Dermalux Difference Module to learn how LED Light Therapy can benefit many aspects of the human body with a focus on skin health, understand how to integrate LED Light Therapy into your business, and discover our step-by-step guide on how to use our completely unique systems to turbocharge results.

Duration: 3.5 Hr
Price: £85 + VAT per person*




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Complimentary with a new purchased device

Only available to Dermalux LED Partners


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The Dermalux Difference


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Melissa Williams - Head of Education

My mission is to empower industry professionals to exceed clients’ expectations, supercharge skin and wellbeing goals, and support businesses to continue building their reputation with Dermalux LED Light Therapy – an absolute must-have tool for all skin-focused businesses.


With over 20 years in the skincare industry, I have seen the successes, challenges, and changing trends that have been thrown our way. My move to Dermalux wasn’t just a personal one to feed my skincare addiction (although that was a big factor!), it was because of the visible changes that we could achieve in a short space of time, to target and accelerate results for all skin goals, not to mention the benefits on our mental well-being, pain management, and much more.



We are committed to professional development providing ongoing clinical education and training to ensure the delivery of safe, consistent results and continued treatment success.

All larger Dermalux LED devices include certified onsite training providing a comprehensive theoretical, clinical, practical and commercial learning experience. Flex MD certified training is available online.

All Dermalux professionals have access to The Dermalux Academy virtual educational webinars, online LIVE events and ongoing support.


Register for the Dermalux Different CPD accredited training module, to take the first step towards maximising hands-off revenue for your business today.

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