LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that harnesses the power of clinically proven light wavelengths (Blue 415nm, Red 633nm & Near Infrared 830nm) to deliver safe and effective results on a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and ageing skin to psoriasis and dermatitis. Many industry professionals have called it a 'cure-all' treatment. But not all LED machines are created equal.

While the demand for LED Phototherapy has increased significantly in recent years, it was believed that LED Light Therapy machines could not deliver all three wavelengths similtaneously. But Dermalux® founders, Huw Anthony and Louise Taylor, set out to disprove this theory when they developed their own LED system. After working with the best scientists, doctors and LED light technicians in the world, the Tri-Wave system was born.

The Dermalux® Tri-Wave is the ONLY system that can deliver all three wavelengths at once AND separately, achieving results three times faster and proving to be three times more effective than any other LED machine on the market. The single head of the Dermalux® enables you to target multiple indicators in a single session with no changing of bulky heads. There are a lot of machines available that do not offer these proven wavelengths, or if they claim to, they cannot guarantee their margin of error and oftentimes this can make the wavelength ineffective. Dermalux® guarantees only proven wavelengths within a 5nm margin of error, no other brand can offer more accuracy.

Made in the UK and renowned for its assured quality, reliability and service, Dermalux® has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. Today, Dermalux® has over 700 installed systems worldwide across clinics, beauty salons and spas.

Not only has this beautifully designed machine proven to be far more convenient for clients across the globe, but due to the fact that it is three times as effective as other light treatments, it is clearly far more profitable for salon owners as well. They are just a few reasons why the Dermalux® LED Tri-Wave system has won 'Best Treatment' at the prestigious Aesthetics Awards for 5 consecutive years for (2013-2017).

As seen in the UK's Leading Celebrity Clinics

Skinesis® Clinic, Sarah Chapman
Chelsea, London


We use the Dermalux® in our full facials and they have been proven to give amazing results–great for a quick pre party fix or for a course of acne treatment. A session under the light is 20 minutes and can focus on one light or use a combination which is very unusual in LED technology,"
Sarah Chapman, Owner, Sknesis Clinic

Teresa Tarmey Clinic
Kensington, London

Theresa Tarmey Profile.jpg

Teresa Tarmey calls Dermalux "simply the best treatment on the market." Standing by her motto – ‘Good quality skin is the key to a youthful look’ Teresa has noticed as the beauty industry evolves, that clients are wanting different results, “They don’t want the frozen look, they want clearer brighter skin” Teresa goes on to say “You can take off five years from the look of someone by simply improving the clarity and health of the skin, that’s where the light comes in” and that “light is so underrated. If you want your skin to look brighter in 10 minutes, there’s nothing more effective.

Pfeffer Sal
The Stables, London


Founder of Pfeffer Sal, Andrea Pfeffer, told Refinery29, "We have Dermalux LED Machines, an LED phototherapy technology which is non-invasive and promotes skin health, accelerates cell renewal, and can help to resolve problematic skin conditions including Psoriasis." According to Pfeffer, "the Tri-Wave light is much safer than the traditional UV phototherapy (which has been linked to skin cancer) and has been clinically proven to reduce plaque psoriasis."


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