Dermalux® Tri-Wave

The Dermalux® Tri-Wave is a free standing system with a full coverage ‘wrap around’ treatment head and optional flat LED panel extending treatment to larger body areas.

The lightweight ergonomic design with wheels makes the Tri-Wave easy to move around. The eight LED panel treatment head has an automated height control operation for easy positioning and client comfort.

  • Full coverage 8 panel ‘wrap around’ LED treatment head  
  • Optional ‘flat’ LED treatment panel for larger body areas  
  • Combined proven wavelengths within a single treatment head  
  • Manual and pre-set programmes for skin specific conditions  
  • Ergonomic design with automated treatment positioning  
  • Touch screen control panel
dermalux flat head body.jpg

‘Flat’ LED body treatment panel

The Tri-Wave has the option to add a flat ‘body’ head (half body size) to treat larger areas in one session. It extends coverage to the décolletage (chest area), back and abdomen and can be used for rejuvenation on the body, acne on the chest and back and other skin concerns.

Dermalux® Tri-Wave Compact

The Dermalux® Tri-Wave Compact is a table top system which enables treatments to be carried out in either a seated or lying down position and is ideal where space is an issue.

The unique patented Tri-Wave Compact design features a five LED panel treatment head with a fully automated extendable arm function and height control operation for easy positioning over the face and body.

  • Table top system, ideal where space is an issue  
  • Tri-Wave treatment head with 5 LED panels  
  • Manual and pre-set programmes for specific skin conditions  
  • Patented fully automated compact design  
  • Multi-positioning for seated and lie down treatments
  • Touch screen control panel